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The Canadian Youth Investing Journal.

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Hear from the brightest young minds in business.

Financial Literacy from Coast to Coast to Coast

Start a branch at your school/community

Join our fight to make financial literacy accessible to all students. 


9. Lord Bying CYIS Club

12. CYIS Raiders (PEI)

8. Lilian Osborne High School Business Club Branch

1.Louise Arbor Young Investors Society
2. Ottawa Young Investors Society
3. Earl of March Investment Club
4. Markham Young Investors Club
5. (Peel) Canadian Young Investors Society
6. Aurora Young Investors Society
7. Toronto Young Investors Society


10. Halifax Young Investors Society
11. New Brunswick Young Investors Society

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Our Vision

Our goal is to ensure that our members truly reflect the diversity of this country, with branches from coast to coast to coast educating on financial literacy. The Canadian Young Investors Society wishes to make an impact on the future of its members.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide Canadian students with long-lasting financial and investment skills through our mock competitions, lessons and webinars. We have after-school clubs started in schools all over the country.



Keep an eye out for our annual business trading competition, upcoming college admissions panel, and more!

Meeting room

Take Part

Don’t know where to start? Ask for the support of teacher advisors at your local highschool/university , and apply today. Please check out our other resources on the Branches page.

Meet Our Judges and Journal Guest-Chairs

Working With the Best Sponsors and Partners

You could be the next! Find out how to partner with the Canadian Young Investors Society.

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Women In Leadership Foundation

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Our Partners

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